Before you contact us about the status of an order:

Delivery Deadlines:

  • Please allow 4-8 weeks for most events.

  • If you are ordering an event that occurred in May, it is our busy season and it will take a bit longer. You will receive your order by July 31st.

  • Any orders placed more than 8 weeks after an event, allow 2 weeks.

  • If you placed an order and did not receive it by any of the above deadlines.

    • Check your credit card to make sure that your order went through.

    • Check with your bank to make sure your check cleared.

    • For educational concerts, if the order was delivered to school, make sure that your child did not forget to bring it home.                                                       



If you still need to contact us, send us an email and be sure to include the following:

  • The name of the event and date it was recorded.

  • The date you purchased your recording and indicate if you ordered by phone, online, by mail or at the event.

  • For online orders, provide us the PayPal transaction ID or forward us the email receipt.

  • For credit card orders, provide the type of card used and include the last 4 digits.

  • For check orders, provide the check number and the information we printed on the back of your cleared check.

  • For cash orders, provide the name of the person who filled out and signed the order form.