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What we do

Lifeboat Digital Media is one of the nation's most diverse production companies. Specializing in live event A/V services, recording and streaming, we provide forward-thinking solutions to keep our clients at the forefront of technology.


We provide new ideas and digital media solutions for:


Music Festivals • Concerts • Corporate Events



We provide multi-camera video production at competitive rates for many national brands, touring acts and music festivals. We keep a low profile, as your event should be seen, not your production company. With our state of the art robotic camera systems, we capture your talent while staying out of the way of your audience.

Video & IMAG

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Audio is the foundation that Lifeboat Digital Media was built upon. We understand that no production can be successful without a well trained, competent audio engineer at the helm. 


Our clientele ranges from classical to jazz to rock to singer/songwriters and everything in between. Whether it's an orchestra hoping to preserve the dynamic integrity of a performance or a rock band striving to get that huge drum sound, we have the technical expertise, preamps, microphones, vintage and state or the art gear to get the job done.

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Live Streaming

Expand your horizons and bring your event to a larger audience with HD multi-camera, live internet streaming. Lifeboat Digital Media will handle the entire process including pre-production consulting, live encoding, internet webcasting, video hosting, post production and archiving. We can also open up additional sources of revenue by integrating paywall services into your event.


Whether it's Youtube, Ustream, Livestream, Brightcove or DaCast, Lifeboat Digital Media can integrate seamlessly into your hosting provider.

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The world is a now a cloud based, streaming market. According to Deloitte’s 2018 Digital Media Trends Survey, consumer demand for digital delivery of entertainment and media content is higher than ever. US Consumers area spending over 2 billion monthly on subscription video services. For audio streaming in the US,  the RIAA reported that 75% of the music industry's revenue in 2018 came from streaming services.


Lifeboat Digital Media understands these trends and we offer a variety of digital distribution and streaming services to fit our client's needs.



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Lifeboat Digital Media has been writing catchy jingles for over 20 years. We service clients throughout the United States including the Cincinnati Reds, Gold Star Chili, Willis Music and many more.

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