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JEFF PERHOLTZ, Founder & President

Ardent workaholic, visionary, composer, guitarist, world traveler, food lover,  jingle writer, bicycle enthusiast, band leader, the man to call when you want something done right.  Just your average guy. Jeff started his production business at the ripe old age of 22, out of necessity.  He needed a job that tapped into his passion for music and singular audio and video talents.  His fearless approach to life and work has grown Lifeboat Digital Media into the unique, respected and accomplished production group it is today.



MISTY PERHOLTZ, Vice President

Wife, administrative assistant, head cook and bottle washer.  Flip the coin.  Videographer, editor, leader, cable puller, former disc jockey, dancer, songwriter, lover of all things retro, and rock singer.  Misty’s goal is to make life exciting and memorable. Having been on both sides of the stage, she strives to capture the moment with both the performer and audience equally in mind.

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