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Music For Every Student


In the world of recording and distributing music, it's now time for school music programs and music educators to embrace change.  CDs are a no longer a viable format to distribute your performances and recordings.  Just ask your students! Take a trip to your local electronics store and try to find one computer or device that still offers CD or CD-R technology.  Think outside the box with "Music For Every Student" (MFES), which provides licensing, online streaming and cloud based audio solutions. MFES eliminates the costs and environmental waste (delivery, packaging, plastic/petroleum based raw materials) involved with delivering content on traditional media. You, your students, your audience can now receive their performances and recordings in the cloud or online, at a fraction of the cost of a CD. Share in our goal to provide a music distribution service where music educators, students, families, audiences, rights holders, publishers, composers and the environment all benefit.


Educational Recording Services


Educational institutions throughout the United States count on our regional partners to provide recording services for:


  • Festivals, Competitions and Adjudicated Events

  • School Concerts and Recitals

  • Auditions and Scholarship Applications

  • Commencement Ceremonies


Recording is a key component to enhancing

music education. Students become better

musicians when they are able

to hear, see, review and reflect on

their performances. Our production

services will enhance your music

program in ways you never


For more info, contact us.

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